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We prefer to install Everlast Metal Roofing because it is durable, renewable and it is made locally right here in Bridgton!
Metal roofing can last 50 years or longer. Less trucking and a long useful life reduces our carbon footprint.

When a customer does request asphalt shingles, we prefer the Certainteed or IKO brands.

The underlayments we use vary depending on attic ventilation and structure's overall use.
Removing all old roofing provides an opportunity to inspect
the condition of an old roof deck.
This roof is weather-tight due to the Grace Ice & Water
Shield underlayment in place.
A new metal roof is installed onto a Highland Lake
waterfront camp.
Carpenters taking advantage of the opportunity to
re-nail vintage roof sheathing.
We were asked to look at this roof because of a water
leak. The original installer had removed all prior roofing
and failed to apply any new underlayment. Natural
condensation or blown-in rainwater under the ridge cap
was the likely leak source.
Installing roof shingles in Bridgton.
An 1840 Bridgton farmhouse with new metal roofing on
garage and el. The metal roof on the main house is over
100 years old.
This new metal roof sheds most snow in South
Removal of two layers of old roofing shingles allowed
this expert to examine the sheathing.